Boost Your New and Unbooked Airbnb Listings

Boost Your New and Unbooked Airbnb Listings

New listings that get booked and reviewed in the first month appear more often in search results but new hosts face challenges, especially when competing with established super hosts and those with numerous positive reviews. What you can do to get your first bookings quickly Activate a

Phising Buster

What to do Against Hacking on Airbnb,, and Expedia

Recently, there has been a surge in hacking incidents targeting guests on popular travel booking sites like Airbnb,, and Expedia. Phishing scams, in particular, have become a significant issue, affecting many hosts. According to IBM Security, the travel industry has become the second-most targeted

Ultimate guide to effective guest communication

Successful hosting requires excellent communication between hosts and guests. Effective communication is essential for happy guests, 5-star reviews, and repeat bookings. In this article we explain guest communication best practices and how to create an automated message flow. Create a message flow There are various stages of their

Travel Trends 2024

How to benefit from the latest travel predictions

Each year, reveals the latest travel trends. In their 2024 study, they surveyed 27,000 travelers from 33 countries. We've summarized the key trends and provided practical suggestions on how you can leverage them for your business. Provide spontaneous luxury experiences Despite saving where they can, travelers still

Make your listing an Airbnb guest favourite

Make your listing an Airbnb Guest Favourite

Airbnb's new Guest Favourite badge highlights the "most popular" listings, selected through guest ratings and reviews, and showcases exceptional guest experiences. Unlike the Superhost status, which highlights host performance, this badge highlights individual properties for their outstanding quality. On average listings with a Guest Favourite badge

List Vacation Rental on Google

List your properties on Google Vacation Rentals

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on Google to plan their trips. They research where they'll be staying, share potential accommodations with fellow travellers, and navigate partner sites to secure bookings. With Google Vacation Rentals, travellers can seamlessly find and book vacation rentals

best channel manager

Why it pays to work with the channel’s preferred partner

You might have seen "Preferred" or "Premier" badges like these: These badges indicate that a channel manager meets and exceeds a number of technical requirements. Being a Preferred Partner comes with many advantages from which all customers benefit. Preferred partners have early access to new features and

How to become Vrbo Premier host

Vrbo Premier Host Program: A way to make your business successful

Achieving Premier Host status on Vrbo improves your business results by ensuring that your listings stand out and gain greater exposure. Explore the details of the Vrbo Premier Host Programme, including the qualifying criteria, the benefits of participating, and practical advice on how to quickly achieve

Stay Safe and Secure

Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of crime causing serious harm.Stolen details like username and passwords from sites hacked recently and even many years ago are available for sale on the internet. Criminals are using these details to attempt to log into any site not just

Boost mobile bookings

Travel is up this summer as people are eager to start exploring the world again. What’s different is how people are booking their accommodation, as a growing number of bookings are now made on a mobile device. Did you know that for example was